• Stabilizes internal battery chemistry for increased performance and longevity
  • Saves energy consumption when full power is not needed
  • Led Display
  • Compact design
  • Rubberized surface for better movement.


  • Will need a little charge to jump start dead batteries

NOCO Company is famous for manufacturing one of the state-of-the-art electrical equipment and one of their very best creations is the NOCO Genius G7200 12V/24V 7.2 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer.

And when we talk about the very best battery maintainers and chargers NOCO’s unparallel series of battery chargers is one of the most recurring names in NOCO genius g7200 smart battery charger reviews.

So, we decided to take it to the test. With all the NOCO Genius G7200 Reviews Online we wanted to check it out for ourselves. And after 260 hours of reviewing and testing here is what we got.

NOCO Genius G7200 12V/24V | Is it Really a Smart Battery Charger?

We will just be honest here; it was very hard for us to find faults with this product. The NOCO Genius G7200 will get your lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries working with up to 230Ah.

But it does not end there, we found that it works just as well with the deep-cycle batteries built for the marines, RV, Lawn and even garden utilities.

With a charging time of 2 times faster than most counterparts, the NOCO Genius G7200 will power your micro-hybrid transports, DC devices, CANBUS electricals and a lot more.

It is designed for your 120 volts with 50-60 electricals.

You get both X-Connect battery clamps, 5 years limited warranty and eyelet terminals.

You can choose to charge vehicles on the below modes;

The NOCO G7200 has multiple modes to choose from:

  • 12V Normal
  • 12V Cold/AGM
  • 24V Normal
  • 24V Cold/AGM
  • 12V Repair
  • 6V Supply
  • 12V AGM+
  • 12V Lithium

That is a lot of charging power for big transports too.

It will recover your dead batteries and comes with an easy plug and play feature.

    Features NOCO Genius G7200 12V/24V 

    • Charges 12V & 24V lead-acid batteries (including AGM and more) and 12V Lithium
    • Repairs desulphated batteries
    • Charges in cold conditions
    • has a 13.6V Supply mode
    • Intuitive visual diagnostic tool to detect reverse polarity
    • Applies a high-voltage pulse charge when low-voltage
    • Lost capacity is detected
    • Changes charging process based on organic battery feedback

    How to Use the NOCO Genius G7200?

    It is simple because it also comes with a manual. If you follow the instructions, then the process is dummy-proof.

    You need to note that this smart battery charger comes with precautions against overcharging and wrong applications too. And the safety features help you navigate through it easily. It even can prevent itself form causing fire in case of overcharging.

    So, just follow my steps below to start using your NOCO Genius G7200.

    Step 1

    You would want to connect the cables to your battery with the right coordination. 

    Like every other car battery charger, the power is situated on the left and the negative reading on the right.

    But if you find yourself with a flipped battery you need to just check before doing this.

    You will see the positive (red) tab has the + sign on it. It makes it easier for you locate it.

    We suggest you always put the positive cable on first because, if you are looking to jump-start your transport the positive is better to connect at first. Then you go on to put in the negative.

    Step 2

    Now that you have placed the cables rightly, you need to plug the NOCO G7200 into the wall electrical outlet.

    Remember once you do that it is designed to start automatically at its standby mode.

    So, you will have to choose your mode of charge.

    Step 3

    Now, you can choose the right mode you need. To do that you can simply click your ‘mode’ tab until the lights get brighter on the accurate application circle.

    Step 4

    Now wait for a few seconds and the light for the 25% will blink. The process will continue until you have charged it 100%. The green light will tell you it is fully charged.

    Note: it depends where your battery is at in terms of charge. It can take somewhere between an hour to 8 hours to fully charge.

    Step 5

    Now once the charge is complete, we suggest you first remove the negative cable, and then the positive cable. Make sure you check the battery level now.

    Batteries vary so check which battery should be charged at a float or during cycle. You can locate this information on the battery itself or the battery manual.


    We highly recommend the NOCO Genius G7200 because of its performance and versatility. So, if you invest in expensive batteries this would be the perfect battery charger for you. It is hard to beat these features and the price that the NOCO Genius G7200 Battery charger and maintainer comes at.